The Pentecost Factor


Do you desire to learn the Bible truth and purpose of Pentecost and how God wants to equip you for the harvest before the second return of Christ?

In Part I you can follow the author’s personal story of how God miraculously led him from rejection to reception of Pentecost.

In Part II you will be escorted on a biblical journey that reveals the secret roots and foreshadowing of Pentecost in the Jewish feasts. You will be taken to the very foundation of Pentecost where contemporary believers have seldom visited.

Part III may become your favorite: It reveals objections commonly associated with Pentecost. Now you can learn the powerful biblical answers to the 21 objections that have prevented God’s people from experiencing the gifts of the Spirit working miraculously in their lives.

Part IV deals with prophetic topics that will be restored in the last days church. Understand the mystery of the “restoration of all things” as prophesied by Peter (Acts 3:21). Learn how God will write a suitable conclusion to the Book of Acts using your testimony.

“The work of the church is to become God’s harvesting instrument. The work of Pentecost is the Holy Spirit giving gifts to His people to make this happen.”

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