Restore Amazing Back to Grace

Are you aware that faith and grace are partners? Many great books have been written on faith, and rightly so. But all the faith in the world exists only because of grace that re-connects God and mankind back together. Most everyone is aware that sin separates. Isn’t it about time for Christ followers to focus on the ultimate bridge between us?

Restore Amazing Back to Grace will challenge your life and Christianity. It will give you courage to face the proven character of God that often seems hidden or distant. God has provided for your destiny by imparting grace beyond your imagination.

You will discover:

  • What you previously boasted about as faith may more accurately be glorious grace.
  • How difficult problems can have simple solutions when certain ingredients are added.
  • Obedience to God will change the way the world treats you.
  • How grace can help guide your ship without a customary rudder.
  • Why certain undeniable conditions exist in your life.
  • That the Lord has mysteriously arranged for your ultimate encounter.
  • A clue that helps you find His purpose for your life.
  • How believers have already visited His throne room unaware.
  • That you had very little to do with becoming a Christian.
  • When grace is extended by God, it is accompanied by an amazing agenda.
  • Possible reasons that explain the most unreasonable tests in your life.
  • That grace received today, has a way of being extended without cancellation.

Your search for solid truths of God’s grace has brought you to this very moment. Challenge yourself by coming into complete agreement with His mentoring purpose. Click on the “Purchase on Amazon” button and release a river of grace to flow your way immediately!