Another Ordination in Finland 

The moment has come again for Deborah and I to put boots on the ground in Helsinki, Finland and speak at another “Step Up To Your Calling” conference. The two-day event will usher in a unique opportunity for a prophetic impartation to our church planting teams and their friends. It will conclude with an ordination to ministry for Atte Takkinen. The plan is to use the occasion to seek new folks whom God is calling and allow them to respond for service and preaching the gospel. Please pray that the Lord of the harvest will send laborers into His field. It is impossible for our vision and efforts to come into existence without the Holy Spirit calling more laborers.


Taking Another Ship to Estonia

It is time once again to cross the Baltic Sea. We have surely lost count of the times we have crossed that sea but it must be well in excess of 100 times. We know the ports and ships by heart. Upon arrival Then we will speak at The Fire Church on the weekend with Pastor Taimor and Pastor Peeter. Following those events, we will take a bus to Pärnu, Estonia and hold prophetic leadership gatherings and minister at the Free Christian Congregation with Pastor Aarne. we will be making video recordings for TV7 in Finnish/Estonian, and TBN in Russian

Another Flight to Norway

            There is an Estonian family that we have known and worked with for about 30 years. They have immigrated to Norway and keep inviting us to come to their home in Stavangar. We decided this year we would do it if God provides. They educated themselves, established a home and are employed there. They also know the language. We are hoping for the leading of the Holy Spirit on this venture. Please pray that He would make us spiritually aware of God’s plan for the region. Our church planting captain (Johanna) has a long-standing burden for the North country of Norway. We will be seeking a witness and word of the Lord if this is the area we are supposed to plant a new church. Your prayers are greatly needed.

Our 2024/25 vision is 3 new mother churches in 3 new countries and to start an extension of Advantage University for the North countries and Europe. It will facilitate raising up leadership for the new works.


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Larry & Deborah Mininger

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