~Mission News~

Ukrainian War Time Kids Camps
July 17th & July 24 th
Larry and Deborah Mininger


We have been in touch with Pastor Zhenya in Ukraine this week concerning his vision for
conducting 2 one-week kids camps in mid-July. This year he has in his heart to reduce the
attendance from 200 to about 40 kids for the 7/17 camp (ages 8-12) and down to about 30 for
the 7/24 camp (ages 13-16). Why decrease the attendance so severely? The war has produced
unusual hardship conditions for Ukrainian families. Most are now extremely poor. Some have
become orphans. All have experienced major emotional trauma and loss. Every pathway leads
to pain on top of pain. In short, there is a huge variety of special needs to be considered. Only
children with the most grievous problems will be selected. Of course, more skilled, and
compassionate workers are required to serve the kids in an individual level of loving care they
deserve. Such a team is already assembled and currently being prepared as we write. For
security reasons we will not disclose the chosen safe zones where the camps can be held. Not
one dollar will be held back for administrative cost. Total money raised will be total monies

sent. The late hour rush is our hope in God acting to help exclude
stratagem leaks that can happen via the internet.

Deborah and I hope to raise at least 7 thousand dollars for this
“Loving the Children”camp. The money will cover the bus rental to and from. It will buy the
food for the children and camp team plus routine camp supplies. Do you have it in your
heart to be a provider/care giver to this war children’s ministry effort?

You can by acting right now and sending your tax deductible gift directly to:

Lamp Lighters International
Ministries, 28 Saul Ave. Greenville, PA 16125.  Please mark your gift: “Loving the Children”.

As this project goes forward, we will keep you apprised of its progress with photos and
video. Thank you for allowing your heart to be touched by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your
holy gift and your prayers.

Larry and Deborah Mininger, “Whose Mission Field is war torn!”