War Time Christmas for Children

The Back Story


Two weeks prior to Christmas, Larry and Deborah learned that Zhenya was serious about holding a special event for children in Ukraine. We wanted to help make it happen. In an email newsletter we made an appeal for assistance to our friends and partners. Money came in so quickly. Soon about 5 thousand dollars was sent for the event. We wired it to Zhenya. His team of 10 ladies made a fast trip Poland and bought gifts for 1 thousand kids. They were concerned about the drones locating their activity so in secret they caravined the whole team to the very front lines some time in January. Ten ladies held a drama presentation with costumes, Christmas message, songs and gifts in 3 locations. One event was so near the front that guns and bombs could be heard, we were told. They risked their lives to present Christmas to the refugee children. One thousand attended.

CHECH OUT THE 3.5 min. Video and their thank you for your gifts!