Personal Note:

Deborah and I want to say thank you to all our friends, partners, and family for standing
with us so faithful in 2022. You have made it possible for us to extend our ministry another year
to thousands when we combine Ukraine, Estonia, and Finland. God bless you!


Report on “War-time Christmas” for Refugee Children

From the call two weeks ago when we asked for your help concerning refugee
Christmas, we were able to wire $5,100 dollars for the event. This quick turnaround of a cry for
help and such a response is unheard of. To us it was a miracle. We want to say thank you for
not allowing fake news and propaganda to cause your heart to grow hard. Your generosity is
making a difference in these lives. When the event is finished and we have the facts, you will be
informed of the special activity.

An Accident

Zhenya Matsutsa, who is organizing the War-time Christmas just fell and broke his ankle
bone in two places. The Russians hit the power grid and the electricity was out. While walking
across the street he fell in a hole and went down in great pain. He is doing well now. The upside
to this story is that he gained permission to go out of country and be with his wife and family a
couple of days during his recasting process. Worry not about the refugee Christmas. Zhenya’s
team is organizing the camp. When the final cast is reset, he will return and oversee the event.
You cannot keep him away. There are very faithful people on that team. They all love those
children. Thanks for your prayers.

Last minute gifts to LLIM:

If you want to give and have credit for 2022, please make your gifts directly to Larry and Deborah Mininger
Or send your check to LLIM, 28 Saul Ave, Greenville, PA 16125. To be postmarked before January first.

“Thank you and please have a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year”
Missionaries That You Know

Larry and Deborah