Miningers Mission Moments

October 2022

An Overflow at the Finnish Conference

            Cross Road Church (Risteyspaikka seurakunta) of Finland was full and overflowing for the Helsinki “Step Up to Your Calling” conference in August and September. This was the host church. We could not have had a better location and leadership to work with. Just meeting them for the first time, the level of unity we felt with them was indescribable. We thank all their leadership for their Christlike welcome. It was the first such event that we have held in Finland in so many years. For Deborah and me, it was like an overdue family reunion. Thirteen missionaries came from Belgium, Netherlands, Wales and England. They gathered two days in advance to pray for Finland. People and pastors came from Sweden, Estonia and of course from Finland. The atmosphere was saturated with love that was longing to be reunited. It felt like warm anointing oil was poured liberally on the event from beginning to end. I thought it was an early taste of what the rapture would be like. There was an overflow of people, an overflow of purpose and an overflow of the love of Christ.

At the event, the altars were filled to overflowing as well. The entire gathering sat on the floor up and down the isles for more than an hour. In one meeting, the whole congregation stood in line to walk through the prophetic anointing river. The missionaries gathered in two rows that faced each other, laid hand on everyone who walked through. They spoke and prayed prophetically. For me, it was like the old days of Pentecost. God was giving everyone words from His heart. My words came in song and poetry for well over an hour. The worship team was so sensitive to the Holy Spirit and made their contribution to the atmosphere. People did not want to move quickly through the line because they were soaking up the words and holy presence of the Lord for the moment. Everything worked as a unified effort to edify, encourage, and occasionally guide the saints. For sure, their tank was being replenished. There was an overflow of God’s nearness. There was no need to announce that God was in the house. Every person there knew it on their own.


I am aware that five of us were used to organize the conference. But when it came together, it seemed astonishingly spontaneous and fresh. It was really organized by God Himself. It was His purpose and timing. His believers were simply ready for the refreshing. Thank you, Precious Lord for your Goodness!

Johanna Takkinen Ordained


            On the afternoon of the second day, Harold Presley (Regional Director of NW Europe) Deborah and Larry Mininger laid hands on Johanna for ordination as the first IPHC minister in Finland. All missionaries gathered around as Deborah gave the biblical challenge. Atte, her husband, was credentialed for ministry while sitting alongside under the Jewish prayer shawl.

On October 9th, Atte will lead the service for a Media Missions outreach to Finland. Johanna will preach the gospel of Jesus to the attending crowd. We are expecting a harvest of souls to accompany this one-month event. Over 350 Finnish churches of most every Christian denomination in Finland, are participating over the face of the land. Together, they have raised two million Euro to sponsor the Christian campaign.

Gratefulness for Your Prayers and Giving

             Our Finnish conference and ministry in five cities across the land were exceedingly fruitful. The reason is clear: You prayed and gave to make it happen. No one person gets the glory. But all will share in the rewards. God moved on a wide group of folks to step up to the plate to pray and give. Others paid for their own way to travel abroad and attend the festivities. May God’s favor dwell on every participant and their families. I think God was leaning out of His open window in the sky, waving and rejoicing at the timely activity below. Thank you, fellow believers!

Larry and Deborah Mininger, Missionaries to E. Europe and the Nordic Countries.