Mininger’s Mission Moments

February 22


Finland In Sight

While the pandemic was serious and took many lives, the good news is that it’s winding down. The damage on the mission front has earmarks of a battlefield. Some churches have closed, others have withdrawn from the front lines hoping to refresh. Still other leaders have resigned due to exhaustion and dried up finances. Among worn-out solders there is a lack of ministry manpower. The problem is marked by a lack of vision big enough to go forward inside the Finnish landscape.

A Missionaries Insight

            The depleted conditions described above exposes the need for a missionary with clarity. Deborah and I are stepping up. We are planning our Finnish offensive for the late fall (God willing).  In Helsinki, arrangements are being assembled for a leadership vision and prophetic calling conference. It is imperative that Scandinavia experiences a Holy Spirit awakening along with somebody to step up and encourage them on. We must see new God called leaders stand up who recognize that last day’s evangelism and church planting without a Pentecostal outpouring is clearly not up to the task. We already have new Finnish boots on the ground that we will be introducing shortly. They will help direct future cultural and spiritual maneuvers. There will be vital protocols of prayer, listening, surrender and Spirit led actions set in place for the nation.


Fund raising and prayer are beginning now. Operational costs in Finland have always been much higher than the USA. Gas prices have been 5-7 dollars per gallon for years. They are going up today just as they are here. Food and hotel costs are extremely expensive. However, with the war starting in Ukraine this morning, who knows where the new normal will peak?


Will you join forces with us and help raise the necessary finances to wage this spiritual offensive? The 2.5-day conference could cost $4000.00 or more. Remember, the Kingdom of God suffers violence, but the faithful wisely rally with a vision and take the kingdom by force. For those who have ears to hear, we already know that Putin has set his sights on retaking the Baltic States and the upper half of Finland. Our window of opportunity is here now. What we do for Christ must be done quickly to enlarge our Lord’s camp. Let’s not miss it.


Thanks To Our Companions In The Faith

My wife and I want to give special thanks to everyone who continued to give during the pandemic. We are not ignorant! We recognize that financial strain has come to USA families and ministries as well. That is the reason we did not post our requests for help during the last two years. Your prayers have carried us through. However, this is a new day. It is time for us to rally again for our Lord. Will you make a fresh consideration to decide what you can do? Thank you from our heart!


Some individuals and churches suffered so much that they stopped giving to missions altogether. We cannot draw back now. The scripture says, “You [we] have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise. For yet a little while and He who is coming will come and not tarry” (Heb. 10:36-37). Please rally with us by sending your gifts to:

Lamp Lighters International Ministries

28 Saul Ave,

Greenville, PA 16125

Blessings from Larry D. and Deborah A. Mininger