Rejoice With Us

            Last year in January and February (before Covid hit), Deb and I were in Tallinn, Estonia joined by our overseer Harold Presley. We were planting a new Russian church. I wrote about it in an earlier newsletter. The Bible says, “Rejoice with those who Rejoice” (Rom. 12:15). Today, we are rejoicing in the amazing progress of that church.

I am happy to report after one year and three months that the church is doing well. People are being saved and healed. It is active and they are multiplying. During the Covid year their lockdown was more severe than most of us experienced.  They expanded their vision for their rehab ministry and started a work at a second location across town. During Covid, they had a burden for the homeless people who needed to survive their extreme weather. They began delivering food in mid-winter in the Capital City. It qualified them to earn from the City Government the status of a 1st Responder. They could go out of lockdown at their own risk daily. Then the Lord provided them with a $16,500 truck so they could deliver hot meals in addition to raw food stores. That ministry has been so blessed that the 2nd rehab decided to plant another new church on that side of town. It is up and running as we speak. It has a pastor named Jon Tankevic and a compliment of people with the gift of helps. The mother church has been so blessed that they discovered larger facilities for their 1ST rehab center. They have moved in and their capacity has seriously increased. Now they are taking in selected ones from the homeless scene. All this happened during Covid. Did God take what the enemy meant for evil and turn it for Kingdom good?


If you have a vision from God, then it is by nature flexible and expandable . If you have passion for people in need and faith that is in season, the unthinkable can be accomplished. Deb and I are now involved in sending what financial resources we are able because we found another fertile garden. Want to get in on the harvest?



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Larry’s book that was 5 years in preparation is here!

7 Provoking Questions

1. Did you know that most Pentecostals cannot clearly identify God’s purpose for the Holy Spirit Baptism?
2. If we already have the Holy Spirit at salvation, why does the Bible inform us to seek another portion of the Holy Spirit?
3. If Christians gladly receive grace for the gift of salvation, why do so many still resist the grace gifts that Jesus wants to give them?
4. Since Pentecost was not a onetime event in your Bible, what are the implications of that for you?
5. Did you know that God established the rule of when we receive the baptism with the Holy Spirit 1478 years before the day the church was born in Pentecost?
6. Everyone knows that the church was born in Pentecost, so what has happened to the majority of contemporary Christians who are denying their original spiritual moorings?
7. Can it be that the church age and the dispensation of grace are actually the age of Pentecost?

When the Holy Spirit made this writing assignment, He said, “Give
Bible answers to these provoking questions and do it with passion!”
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