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“Considering all the nations we serve as Missionaries, it is time to clarify what is happening in Finland!”

New leaders are being gradually raised up for ministry. The challenges are huge and the trials are intense. New churches are being planted.  But the issue that has caused the highest stress for these churches is how the law has been interpreted during the recent two years. If anyone outside the old line registered denominations seek to receive an offering or raise funds, they are at risk. They can be investigated by the police or cited for questionable motives. To be fair to the government, the new ruling was an attempt at cracking down on some intolerable practices happening in the country. In any case, money is not flowing well for new churches and people are nervous. Finnish Christian leaders hope that the government will redress this issue yet this year. Allowances must be provided for new churches to function. PRAYER IS THE ONLY KNOWN TOOL THAT WILL PRODUCE NEEDED RESULTS!

One struggling pastor reported a recent breakthrough in the last two weeks. The University education and career they pursued  so long was finally set aside. A new job in a related medical field was taken. Now there is a sustainable wage, flexible hours, reduced work week and the pastor is rejoicing. They reported to Deborah and I that God Almighty helped them sort out their priorities and purpose in life. Now they are working within their ministry calling and no longer have to flirt with doubt, tiredness and unrealistic schedules. Great joy, peace and fresh anointing is reported by the pastor for family and the entire church.



Deborah and I are spending our time, resources and lending our experience to come alongside broken leaders and broken churches. This ministry requires deeper relationships and a trust factor that goes beyond anything we have done. The work is difficult but pays off in very sweet fruit. WE NEED YOUR PRAYER AND SUPPORT LIKE NEVER BEFORE

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