This Story Could Be Read At Your Family Christmas!

The Christmas Season always musters up a pleasant range of wonderful memories of families pulling together and preparing for a great celebration. Finding the right tree, decorating it and finally at the right time reading the Christmas story from the Bible. I was thinking of all our special gatherings when I realized that heaven and God’s angels most likely have their own fond memories. Have you ever thought of what the atmosphere in heaven was like around the announcement of Christmas? Let’s take an imaginative journey to consider what it might have been like.

It was the eternity before creation when He who sat upon The Throne had a dream that would form the Christmas story as we know it. Perhaps He gathered His Hosts of ten thousand times ten thousands (even millions) of angels around His Holy Throne to tell His dream. As the Father’s narrative was rehearsed, did the angelic hosts understand the implications of the dream? By all indications in scripture, they did not. But they listened to the fascinating mystery that was unfolding right before them.

After the Lord’s creation was complete, the first family of earth realm slipped into disobedience – darkness – increasing distance from God and even a predicted death event. You can be sure that these heavenly listeners around The Throne were beside themselves with awe. How could those humans be so easily fooled? He who sat upon the Throne had their full attention. Suddenly, The Lord of Glory brought the story into focus by presenting a clear need for a human Savior! But for the angels, that information exceeded their comprehension. Mankind had blatantly disobeyed Him who sits on The Throne. Why would God even think of saving them? They do not deserve to be saved! After all, when a third of heaven’s Host followed in Lucifer’s rebellion, God did not prepare any plan of salvation for them! Why would He now be contemplating a plan that would save those who were created lower than the angels? Although these angelic beings have tremendous capacity for understanding mysteries, this scenario did not fit with everything they knew about God.

This entire event was mysterious to say the least, but He who sat upon The Throne was so convincing and determined! He was obviously heart over reason in love with the weak, disobedient humans He created. Then there were the numerous assemblies that were being held in heaven. Sometimes it included the Hosts of God. On other occasions, it was only with selected angels. But mostly, it was the Father and His Beloved Son who held the longest meetings. They would dialog with each other for hours about the disobedience – darkness – the distance and death that overcame the children made in their image. As the angels observed the activity around them, it seemed like a quandary. To be sure, it was the hot topic that all angels were discussing. In each case, when understanding peaked, they would surrender a humble statement of praise and worship to Him Who Sits On The Throne! Then they would resume their duties.

Then it happened somewhere in eternity past during the Holy Dialog, the Son could hold His peace no longer. He blurted it out so all of heaven could hear: “Father, let Me be their Savior! I will bring light into their darkness! I will descend and walk among them to cancel the distance between us! Yes, Father, I will create a celebration that will fulfill your Christmas dream. I will be born of a woman like all humanity. I will become one of them! I will cancel their disobedience by obeying you perfectly. I will overcome every temptation. I will not fail You, Father! Let’s not provide only a temporary covering of their sin, Aba Father. Let’s provide an eternal solution for these beloved sons and daughters. I will carry the plan through to absolute completion. I know how much you love them Father. Instead of them dying for their sin, I will die in their place! I will cancel your children’s death sentence! Send Me!”

At that point, all of the Heavenly Host fell silent! Not a creature moved in all the realm. Every angel’s thoughts were wildly dancing with questions: “Did we just hear what we think we heard? Did God’s Beloved Son say that He would go down to the human realm and die? Surely this is not happening!” Shortly, He who sat upon The Throne leaned forward and gave His full approval to the plan. In His familiar determined tone He said, “Lets do it! Make all the necessary preparations. I am sending you to the earth Son!”

To describe the atmosphere that day in heaven is mostly unheard of. There were varying levels of comprehending what was happening but an abundance of joy and purpose that even Heaven had not before possessed! At the same time, there were unanswered questions hanging in the air: What was motivating The Heavenly Father to take this course of action? Certainly, there was plenty of intrigue to go around. The Christmas Story was set into motion with untold excitement and dedication! The Holy angels knew many of the facts about what was transpiring but no one dared give an explanation. Every such attempt would fall short of their speculation. Understanding would just have to wait.

In the mean time, it became known among the angels that God planed to create a special star that would guide earth visitors from afar so they could find and worship the Christ Child. The former King of Glory would have angels attending to Him at His earth birth, at various times in ministry and finally on His return to heaven. But how would He return to heaven if He was going to die? In any case, the star would have to be set in motion long in advance of The Son departing heaven and going to the earth realm. God was even assigning selected angels the task of visiting the earth realm to prophesy of coming events. “Wow, what an honor it would be to be chosen for such an assignment” some angels thought to themselves. News got around that God had already chosen the woman who would bear the Christ Child. It was echoed among the angelic ranks that her name was Mary. Just think, she would be the only woman in the entire human race and all the millions in the Heavenly Hosts who would be a temporary mother to God’s Beloved Son. There was enormous curiosity concerning how God chose this one person to honor! She would be a person of interest to every creature in both heaven and earth realms. Consider the reality of that choice. No other person would ever serve God in the same manner!

One angel gathered some friends and said, “I just learned from Gabriel that The Son of God will make His début in Bethlehem of Judea. Gabriel also informed me, “that the city for the event was chosen long ago. Its name was found written in the Holy Scriptures.” This fact appeared like another piece of misplaced information that boggled the understanding of God’s angels. How could all of these recent developments in heaven have roots that predated this decision and announcement? The whole group shook their head in bewilderment but surrendered a faithful praise toward The Throne; “Only The Father knows!”

The angelic gatherings seemed more frequent as heaven’s Hosts waited on earth time to be fulfilled. At each worship gathering there seemed to be an increase in the angelic attendance. Their hearts no longer contained the capacity for unbelief but there certainly was plenty of room for amazement. In one such meeting somebody released a statement in their zeal and excitement, “This Christmas Story is really going to happen!” What’s more, word was getting around that the Hosts of Heaven would participate in the coming event! Another in the group chimed in and said, “As I understand it, all of us will organize the largest angelic choir ever assembled. We will be anointed to sing the announcement to the human race of their Savior’s birth. There has never before been such a combined heaven/earth event! No, not in all of eternity past! It is going to be glorious!”

Heaven and its Hosts were in full preparation mode! Their joy seemed to overflow at the thought of participating in the Wonderful Father’s dream. The Christmas Story would be the greatest story ever originating from heaven. There would be so many angels assembled in one group that their countenance and glory would shine all around the people and shepherds in the dark country side. The angels had learned many songs to sing in worship during eternity past. But these melodies were different! The angels had never sung a song of salvation! These songs commanded a quality of love never before revealed in heaven. It was love authenticated by the Father. Then there was the issue of the distinct melody these songs employed. No angel heard anything like it. It was like everyone was in a spontaneous unison creating the melody as they opened their mouth: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to men!” When the earth day finally arrived, the angels sang with joyous convictions never before possessed! The entire Host of God knew they were making history. It was like they were singing a salvation anthem in-between two ages, the past and the future. Things were forever changing in both realms! The angels were learning about a new spiritual concept. The songs and event would forever be known as The Redemption Story! It’s the core message of Christmas!

Are you participating in this victorious announcement? Are you preparing for Christmas? Is there an excitement in your family gatherings that connect you to the Father and His Hosts? Is the Christmas Story going to be told at your house this year? Will it be with joy and authenticity?

Or is there some dark cloud hanging over your heart? Do you sense that there is distance, disobedience and consciousness of sin that needs to be forgiven in your life?

For your information dearly beloved, the Christmas Story in its original form is perfect and true. You can also join the angels as they sing redemption songs between the past and the future. Only believe in the Christ Child! Today, He will bring light to your darkness. He will close the distance between you and He who sits upon The Throne! Let your understanding be increased: When the same Christ Child became an adult He took your death penalty and sin guilt upon Himself. He loves you enough to completely forgive. If you will humble yourself, repent and confess your sins, He will become your Savior yet today. He will write your name in His Book of Life! That changes everything present and future!

Do you comprehend what this means? After this life is over, everyone has an appointment to meet Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior face to face. There will be no exceptions. What will it be like for those who meet this Eternal Judge who rejected His great Salvation? But if you have repented and have faith in Him, it will prepare you for the next heaven/earth event; the Second Coming of Christ! It will be much greater in magnitude due to the multiplied millions of humans who have been redeemed by His work on Calvary. But more important than the size of the event is its duration. The result of His work and the choices you make will last forever and ever! You should prepare now for Christmas if you like extended celebrations!

Have A Blessed Authentic Christmas, Don’t Leave Jesus in Swaddling Clothes!”
But Wait!
“If you act now, you can be fitted for your own ETERNAL ROBE of righteousness!”

– Larry and Deborah Mininger
Missionaries to E. Europe and Scandinavia